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Wir haben gerne für Sie geöffnet. Unsere aktuellen Öffnungszeiten entnehmen Sie einfach der Tabelle. Nie mehr vor verschlossenen Türen stehen mit uns! Prüfen Sie einfach vorab, ob noch offen ist. Denn nichts ist schlimmer als sich erst mühsam einen Parkplatz zu suchen, dann zum Restaurant zu laufen um dort zu erfahren dass man außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten ist. Einfach kurz online prüfen ob Birreria Rondalli noch auf hat.

Rufe das Restaurant einfach unter (+41)917511413 an, um dich nach den Öffnungszeiten zu erkundigen oder um nach geschlossenen Feiertagen zu fragen. Reserviere auch einen Tisch für dich.


  • Montag 05:00 - 00:00
  • Dienstag 05:00 - 00:00
  • Mittwoch 05:00 - 00:00
  • Donnerstag 05:00 - 00:00
  • Freitag 05:00 - 00:00
  • Samstag 05:00 - 00:00
  • Sonntag 05:00 - 00:00


  • Adresse: via della Dogana Nuova 4, 6600 Locarno, Switzerland
  • Telefon: +41917511413
  • Speisekarte: speisekarte.menu


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We arrived at the restaurant just around 2 oclock in the afternoon. We choosed it because of the nice outdoor space and while wondering around in Locarno we got hungry. I have to admit we just sat down, without asking for opening times, as there where people sitting and eating there. So it didnt cross my mind it could be a problem. First we got kind of ignored by the waiter, which was a bit akward, after five minutes and walking pass us a few times - there where not a lot people outside - he told us the kitchen is closed because it was after 2PM until somewhen around 6PM, but he will ask the cook if he would be able to stay a bit longer. He returned after a few minutes to tell us, we could order pizza, but nothing else. We told him we are sorry and we could go for a different restaurant but he said no it s fine, you can order, which we did. My Husband asked if there is a chance to get a salad, but the waiter said, no only pizza, nothing else. So we ordered Pizza. The Pizza itself was good, VERY big and quite tasty. So if it was only for the food I would rate this place higher, but what i really disliked was the fact that the waiter made us feel very unwelcomed. He mentionned a dozen times "usually they close at 2pm" which made me wish we would have left the restaurant straight at the beginning. We didnt feel welcome but like we made them work. But we were really not the only ones there, there where other guests, about 10-15 which were eating and drinking, even others who arrived later than us. So it was not like they kept open only because of us. So if you want to eat here, check the opening times first, food itself is good.

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We had lunch on the terrace of the Ristorante Rondalli. It is located right on the lake, not far from the train station and the city center. The roastbeef with tatar sauce and fries was very delicious. The pizza frutti di mare as well, although the ten whole mussels on top of the pizza were either completely dried out, either empty or either closed. The torta della nonna was very good as well. Service was ok. Nice beer list.

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