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Heute geöffnet? Sehen Sie sich hier die Öffnungszeiten an von Schwarzer Adler - Andreas Lechner, wann das Lokal öffnet bzw. schließt. Oder sehen Sie sich Lokal in der Nähe an, die noch geöffnet sind. Bitte beachten Sie auch eventuell geänderte Öffnungszeiten aufgrund der Pandemie. Diese könnten auf anderen Website nicht aktuell sein, daher empfiehlt es sich, ggf. kurz vorher im Restaurant anzurufen um zu erfahren wie die aktuellen Öffnungszeiten sind. Die Telefonnummer, unter der Sie die Geschäftszeiten erfragen können finden Sie hier!.

Rufe das Restaurant einfach unter (+43)53555215 an, um dich nach den Öffnungszeiten zu erkundigen oder um nach geschlossenen Feiertagen zu fragen. Reserviere auch einen Tisch für dich.


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  • Mittwoch 17:00 - 00:00
  • Donnerstag 17:00 - 00:00
  • Freitag 17:00 - 00:00
  • Samstag 17:00 - 00:00
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  • Adresse: Dorf 13, 6373 Jochberg, Kitzbühel, Austria
  • Telefon: +4353555215
  • Speisekarte: speisekarte.menu


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No visit to Austria without having a Wienerschnitzel and this restaurant provides a great one! I also like the fair prized wine list and the good service.

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We had a table of 20 for dinner. Room and surrounding was fabulous. Wine choice was great. Meat fondu was incredible, the meat was so fresh and tender and tasted lovely, we also had king prawns. I loved being able to cook our own meat at the table, lots of fun. The potato and vegetable dishes were also very nice. Very reasonably priced too. Would recommend for a group dinner.

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im Mercedes-Benz Sportpark Kitzbühel öffnungszeiten
im Mercedes-Benz Sportpark Kitzbühel

Sportfeld 1, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria

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It's such a shame when a restaurant with great food comes with terrible service. We went on a Monday when it was busy as there was an ice hockey game on so we appreciated the staff had a lot to do so we were very patient. However, there is no front of house service so naturally you approach the nearest thing being the bar area to get the staff to acknowledge you. The staff here would shout constantly to random people to get you some service and still nobody would appear. When you did get a table feeling like you had greatly inconvenienced them, you would have to wait a while to get some drinks and then your food order to be actually taken. The only thing that made us stay was the food. It was lovely, great size and reasonably priced. However, good luck trying to pay for it. We had waited 20 minutes after asking for the bill twice so I decided to put my coat on and head to leave hoping it would grab attention and hopefully pay at the bar on the way out. On our way out, other tables were obviously having the same issue and some wanted more drinks and desserts which were just not coming or being offered. I finally demanded to pay before I just left the restaurant at the sheer lack of customer service or effort to allow you to pay for your food but even giving them money was treated as a burden to them. After enjoying the food, we returned later that week and hoped with no events on that the staff might be better organised. To our disappointment it was even worse. We weren't acknowledged for a good 5 minutes and decided to just seat ourselves in which we attracted some attention and we ordered our drinks immediately in which 3 members of staff took our order and we still couldn't get the drinks to the table or grab their attention for our food order. There seemed to a few of the women who were proactive in cleaning and clearing and a figure we assumed must be the manager who was more interested in hovering over staff and laying tables for future customers than their current ones. We finally got our food which was just as lovely as the first time and despite wanting further drinks it was clear this was not going to happen so we braced ourselves for the battle of the bill. This time I asked the manager for the bill and he spent around 5 minutes asking other staff to do so and continued to hover and be no use. We had to ask 3 times for our bill before we began the getting dressed ritual in order to attempt to hurry them along. Again, service needs some organisation and attention and must be addressed. Luckily for this establishment, the kitchen staff were clearly the only ones working hard.