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Rufe das Restaurant einfach unter (+41)442722771 an, um dich nach den Öffnungszeiten zu erkundigen oder um nach geschlossenen Feiertagen zu fragen. Reserviere auch einen Tisch für dich.


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  • Adresse: Limmatstrasse 267, 8005 Zürich, Bezirk Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Telefon: +41442722771
  • Speisekarte: speisekarte.menu


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I have been in this restaurant 20 years ago and have always returned because of the good food and the friendly and friendly service staff. I had never seen the costa brava as empty as this evening.The staff is still the same, but the earthy man seems to have no more pleasure to serve the guests accordingly. 20 years ago everything was here today only flop! to ask if we want an apero we have denied this, as we already had an apero before. we just wanted to eat a bark fillet and drink a wine. when we asked for the tapas also denied and only a bark fillet ordered with the house wine it was over with the ease. I know the house wine from the past, and it was always quite in order, if you don't have the pleasure of spending 90.- for a bottle. But this wein was not good, because he was either open for too long or otherwise had a mistake. I pointed out to the person who is not good. as answer I got, they just have to order a more expensive bottle, the wee is always like that. the evening had gone for me and I would rather have left the load immediately. this is not at all the same as a paying guest in a service company. apparently the costa brava has experienced too good times that you can afford it. Anyway, it would be time to send the old men in the service in pension. the wine was not replaced by what would be standard in any other restaurant. at least the meat was of good quality, tended to become smaller over the years as well. fact is: who apero, tapas, mainspeise, expensive wein and dessert should be treated as a king. all other guests who dare to eat only a bark fillet with supplement, which is reflected in the price of 60.- is not desired. there I will not put in any more fuss and rather go back to bruno in real, who understands to be a good and friendly host, unabhänig of what I order!

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are now more often in costa brava, but we had to find that the quality is all in the process. the foods are still good, however the service is very unfriendly and not motivated. for this price class you should think about who you are.

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