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Öffnungszeiten von 5 SIGNORI aus Basel - wann hat 5 SIGNORI geöffnet?

Wie sind die Öffnungszeiten von 5 SIGNORI? Wann hat 5 SIGNORI geöffnet? Hier finden Sie die Antworten auf Ihre Fragen. Die Öffnungszeiten zu diesem Lokal wurden von mehreren Quellen verifiziert. So können Sie sicher sein, dass Sie nicht außerhalb der Öffnungszeiten ankommen. Die aktuellen Geschäftszeiten können durch die Pandemie abweichen.


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  • Adresse: Basel, Güterstrasse 183, 4053 Basel
  • Telefon: +41613618773
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I was able to get in on a table for 1 without having booked on a Friday night. However, I recommend booking in advance.I chose the three course menu which consisted of goats cheese soup, rack of lamb and a trio of creme brûlée. To go with this, I selected a glass of white wine (local to Basel), a red (Gigondas) and a dessert wine. Without exception the food was well presented and tasty. I was offered extra bread, which is nice. There was also a nice asparagus amuse-bouche.The highlight of the food was the still-flaming creme brûlées - a great piece of theatre. Mara was my server and she did an excellent job. Overall, it is an excellent dining experience. There was only one minor point which I feel duty-bound to report. The main course was served with a slight chip on the edge of the plate; the plate should be disposed of as soon as this happens.As regards value for money, the 3 course menu was only 2 francs saving over the a la carte price of the components- I would perhaps have expected more. The menu plus 3 glasses of wine and some sparkling water came to 95 francs. Not cheap, but definitely reasonable for a) Basel and b) the quality of the restaurant.

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The food was absolutely delicious! My partner and I had the beef filet: not only was it cooked to perfection, but it also had an unexpectedly scrumptious flavour combination with the calvados and the apples. For dessert, we had the mini crême brûlée trio (of the three, my favourite was the speculos, though the marzipan and port were also tasty), and the almond cake with pear variations (pear cream, pear ice cream, poached pear). Something in me loves when food is flambéed in front of me, so I was pyrotechnically delighted when the crême brûlées arrived, still on fire with the sugar caramelizing right in front of us. We didn't have a starter, but next time, we would certainly come hungrier so that we can have either the 3 or 5-course chef's menu. The restaurant atmosphere was intimate and ambient; our servers were attentive and friendly. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. This was my first time at 5 Signori (the impetus being the Essen gehn book I received for Christmas), and it will certainly not be my last!

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